I really don’t like to lose readership, it is like losing an old friend in some cases. Whether online or in RL I don’t like to unnecessarily offend people. But I also recognize that people get offended at times without one’s even trying. Online, sometimes it is misreading, sometimes it is stumbling onto a facet of a personalities that was heretofore unseen. It happens.

Of those who I know to have offended – it is interesting to me that it has usually been from posting someone elses thoughts in a quote. I will often quote those whose opinions resonate with mine, or if I feel strongly enough to dispute. There are times when I am more laid back on a matter, but I feel someone is highlighting something important to think about. This is how I want to live and to communicate.

The fact is that people are quick to get offended and they often do it on the fly. I think -for whatever the reason- we are more prone to hairtrigger tempers nowadays. This observation goes with the one made by many on the general political temperament.

What can I say? It is sad that the only two responses tend to be either toning everything down to a contentless and tasteless pablum…good for all the babified egos out there, or retreating to the further reaches of ones own clique, to the satisfaction of hardliner party loyalists.

I suppose it is my eventual destiny to go down in flames because I won’t capitulate to either choice. I embrace the martyr in me. I think the need for dialogue is too important… or I am too blind or too lazy to negotiate the proper channels through the increasingly difficult- to-navigate waters that the public venue has become.

And so I must lose the good will of some readers, but not without some sadness on my part. Because it isn’t as if I don’t care.

It does no good to warn people, there is too much image making that we have swallowed- too much presumption that people are not only not complex, but easily read with just a few categorical symbols. We have become those who not only judge a book solely upon the cover, but those who are quick to stamp approve/disapprove and never look back.

But of the things to be remembered by, I think my devotion to God is the one that should remain and be considered the overarching distinction.

My gardens are already decaying and disintegrating.

….on another note

Before I was interrupted by RL I was in the process of redesigning the blog. I’ll be playing around with it soon… so if it doesn’t look right to you- besure to come back or to leave a note in the comments. Thanks:)

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  1. You know, the enemy just waits for us to get offended about something. He totally uses it to divide believers.

    Speak the truth in love. There will be folks who get offended along the way. Speak the truth still.

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