Somehow I save my posts as private when I don’t mean to… I forget that I haven’t put up posts that I meant to, and I forget my place so often that I have no idea where I last left off…. ever have days months like that? Yeah, boy.

Anyway, I don’t care. That’s right…what else can you say? You just slog on through, which is what I am presently doing. Laugh darkly. Or how about this? pray.

I actually feel much better today because my daughter and I took a prayer time Sunday evening, just she and I in the family room; which was good because the morning service was all about a mentoring project that is starting up. You know that commercial where they say “he/she just isn’t ready” ? That would be me. I decline to comment further at this time…. mainly because my reactions are complicated and as is mentioned above…. I am unable to do anything without becoming distracted two seconds into it. And then you would think I am a ditz- which I am right now… but not when I make the effort to be focused. Which I hope please, God! will be quite soon.