Sounds of Silence

Too often a modern world interprets silence as a negative. It seeks to have us fill our ears with sounds of music, talking heads, or some sort of buzz day and night. But I am here to sing the praise of silence, if not pure and literal, than the quietness of a filtered range of calm and undisturbing, undistracting times when one just turns off the noise.

We get so addicted to the noise and so intimidated by the demand for it that we often feel we have to “go away” on retreat, or into an artificially contrived place of quiet. I think we should practice quieting ourselves. Teaching our families to enjoy periods of quiet, encouraging reflection, learning to have companionable silence. The only way to begin is to give it a try.

Of course, getting into a place of natural beauty facilitates the ability to experience quietness at its best, but I think there are times we can allow for quiet in our daily lives. In fact, times of meditation and prayer have often been termed “quiet times”. When was the last time we enjoyed one of those? And what prevents us from making this a family affair on the occasion? I think it is that fear of awkwardness, of needing to please the whiniest voice in the bunch ( which might even be our own!).

But if you can tune down the volume of your life, and try a little quietness, you might find something renewing and soothing to your soul. Maybe even something that is just what the Great Physician ordered.