Speaker of Truth: a better man than I on “Tongues”

Adrian Warnock has the interest and patience to follow through the debate on tongues. This is quite important as it is evident that you can’t trust to receive something that you have misgivings about. If you want to study the topic, these discussions from numerous Christians delving into the scriptures are helpful. Even though I come down clearly on one side of it, I am very grateful for efforts from the opposition to try to figure things out. Because that is where we are at in the final event: desiring to know more of God’s truth and more of Him. Without questions we might not have looked into the matter as carefully and fully. I find that it is always a great benefit to look into the Word of God with eagerness and enthusiasm. That is always time well spent. Arguing? well that is debatable. ahem;)
Peter Kirk was pointed out in a link and had this to say, as well as interesting answers on the topic: Speaker of Truth: Answering a Pyromaniac on Tongues

I am sure that Adrian and I, as well as very many other charismatics, would agree on teaching that Christians need a proper balance between the Spirit and the Word, avoiding both the over-emphasis on the Spirit of your caricature charismatics and the over-emphasis on the Word of many cessationists.

Of great interest was Adrian’s post on the views of Martyn Lloyd-Jones pertaining to tongues,Were Tongues in Acts and 1 Corinthians BOTH Unintelligible? as Dr Lloyd-Jones puts emphasis upon the gift of interpretation. This was a completely new way to view this, for me, and something that would be be very useful for Charismatics to look at more carefully. As the gift of interpretation is something we tend to gloss over ( forgive the pun- I can’t help it).

2 thoughts on “Speaker of Truth: a better man than I on “Tongues””

  1. Thank you for linking to my posting. But I am a little embarrassed by “a better man than I“! Of course I know hardly anything about you, but I make no claim to being a good man, except in God’s sight because I am forgiven in Christ. But I hope that I was able to speak some of God’s truth into this discussion.

  2. Don’t be embarrassed! Since I’m a woman it was said a bit tongue in cheek ( oh dear, there’s one of those puns, again), but I did mean the compliment since saying “a better person than I” just wouldn’t have sounded as it should’ve. You approached the topic more thoroughly with an excellent way of working through the arguments.

    “I make no claim to being a good man, except in God’s sight because I am forgiven”
    Spoken as a true Reformation man 😉 but I only meant that you did the job better in bringing thought and truth to the topic. I appreciated it.

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