Sunday Vespers

This morning the sermon was on miracles, and one specific reference was to the healing of the man blind from birth. The idea that Jesus took some dust, spat in it and applied it to the eyes in this miracle had connotations of the creation. And it makes me think about that. About how some things are simply missing in us. We want the Lord to fix us, but we probably don’t even know how very lacking we are…. we just think of ourselves as something slightly faulty, or we know we really have a serious problem, but we don’t know just what it is and would be devastated if we could see our true condition.

I am like that with some things. I can’t stand the thought of facing how horrible something might be- I don’t want to know.

But here is Jesus …. and in this healing it is perhaps something that was missing in the way the blind man was formed in the uterus, …. the man regains his sight, he knows not the how or the why, and he struggles to answer the grilling questions of the pharisees. There is the focus on healing done on the Sabbath, but think…..

This healing held components of creation. Something not there was newly made, not just something damaged regaining use. Some of God’s things are totally new. They haven’t been there before. No one saw them or knew of them, but they are created in the now.

I don’t know how the Lord does that. I don’t know how it is that we have eyes but don’t see…. and completely miss what God is doing and what and who He is. I don’t know how that happens.

It doesn’t make sense. It makes more sense to see a Creator create.

Within the same service, and perhaps this is totally unrelated… but I had happened to sit next to a younger woman who months-weeks? before I had prayed over. I don’t do that much these days, so I remember clearly specific details. Anyway, this woman asked if she could pray for me, and I acquiesced, and I am not sure that she recognized me, but she prayed some things that were like a return of what I had prayed for her… and I couldn’t help thinking of Jesus’ words about giving and it will be given to us, shaken down and overflowing. I never regarded that as referring to our prayers, I always thought of it as material things or works we do for others, etc. Yet, here I was receiving in like as I had given, having had expectation of neither. I hadn’t felt qualified to pray for her, but there hadn’t been any others and I felt compelled. I’m newer in my church and not really officially recognized to minister in that way yet…. but I keep having the most unusual responses from God in things where I step out in obedience. It sure is antidote for the jaded state of soul I’ve experienced over recent years.

And the unasked for prayer was just what I had needed without realizing it. I felt, immediately, more peacefulness.


There is so much to know about God and so much to experience in Him….. we really have no idea.

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