Monday Midnight Madness

It’s pure madness that I stay up late and blog. Especially something no one seems to want to read…. but I’m not here for you, am I? No it’s all for me me me.

Not really.

I had a terrible time with having to edit a number of posts over and over. Typos? Not so much this time. It turns out that if you compose in MicroS. Word there are secret little somethings that invalidate your feed. So I finally …. after troubleshooting… pasted the whole thing into Notepad -then had to format that, since the reason I used Word was to avoid all those odd spacings, etc…. and then repost after posting the saved txt into the blog. Sigh.

If you are writing for your blog, use Notepad. Or like I usually do …directly into the blog. So many mistakes, that way, for me, tho’. No spell-check. I have been putting some posts into my garden journal, and adding plugins to this one. “Recent comments” is one I’ve wanted.

I plan at least one strong post exploring more of the theology this week. I read the news, but I just don’t feel like commenting. I will say: this whole matter of the soldier rape episode… I almost hate to verbalize it, is just a punch to the stomach. It is so horrible, I don’t want to comment on it, and most other stuff is just so trivial.

Are we become so trivial that this is the fodder of our lives? Another avenue I have no heart to follow. I’m hoping as I pursue the thinking on principles this week it will spark me. I’m sort of excited about putting some thoughts together that cover many threads common to the general conversation on world view that I try to collate on this blog.

I have been reading quite a few of your blogs out there. The Doc is In has had some very good posts. He has something that is sort of on dark grace. I started a draft to look at some of the those ideas, but I doubt if it will make it into the blog – at least how I feel now. but read ye olde Doc. Actually he is pretty cool and groovy 🙂

See… that is what late nights will do to fifty-somethings- make them talk like that. I didn’t even use the word groovy when it was groovy to say it. I never liked it. I like a nasal “far out”. Which is where I am going in my own lala dreamland right now…. if I can sleep.

Wait a minute… I see the Democrats are emailing me wanting to know if I like George Bush.
Yes, dears, I do.

I read one of those posts somewhere on what makes a good blog- seems we are off the hook on lots of posts. Better to not clog up the rss reader and aim for quality instead. What is the general opinion on that I wonder?

Also – here is a new blog for everyone to check out:
A Small Faith.

Looks good…. has theology… hmmm, that sounds promising….. check out the new group blog, see what you think.

2 thoughts on “Monday Midnight Madness”

  1. Interesting… I thought I had already left a comment here but now I don’t see it. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the link. Maybe our new blog will be one of those that sticks around for a while.

    Concerning composing posts off-line – I like to use a tool called w.bloggar. It’s free and you can configure to post to your blog automatically when you’re ready.

  2. In my zealousness to delete the avalanche of “unsavory” spam comments, I might be accidentally deleting others, although once you have an approved comment the rest should automatically post. Sorry about that!

    Thanks for the tip, I’ll check out ‘bloggar’. I feel like an old steam locomotive online sometimes.

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