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Riding along on Joe Carter‘s coat tails, I had a survey of peoples opinions on the making of the good blog,The Blogs We Want, And Why We Want Them, and other assorted posts including this one that links to an article on weblog usibility.

Just inserting some additional thoughts here on where blogging is going:
I read it elsewhere, and am of the same opinion, that blog visibility is going to depend on networking community. And targeting an interested audience.

I keep getting dropped, myself, because my potential audience doesn’t tend to like me. That is right, my fellow Christians tend to not like my blog- my style and manner are rough edged. Plus the fact that that my posts are all over the place. And there are other things I imagine, which are too much navel gazing even for me to record here.

Suffice to say that there are plenty of guides for bloggers who wish to improve on their blogging. Enjoy the journey, because that is basically what blogging is supposed to be about.

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