Tearing Out Your Hair Yet?

If you are the type of person who loves to post about insanities and a world out of whack… this is your time, babe. For lots of us, we are non-plussed. Well, I am, momentarily. Politics is just too too crazy right now, natural world events this year have been mind-boggling, and most things are just sort of topsy turvy.

Katrina has been a big tipping point. Conservatives are angry with the President for being too free with largesse, Liberals have gone mad dog on all of us, and everyone is shaking their heads over the complete confusion of government in responding to a natural disaster. It has my head spinning.

Then there are the predators who awaken to opportunity in other peoples tragedy. First the looters, now the scam artists, speculators soon on the tail. It’s a circus, isn’t it? I was reading today about how the realty sector in the South – especially Southeastern- are scrambling about to get their balance in the wake of demand for a rearranged population.

The race debate is being stirred up, but what I find hopeful in that is the signage that we really do have a widebase of people who are committed to equity and love for their fellow man. I say it that way, in the sense of brotherhood between races, because it is more than tolerance, better than acceptance, it is care for ones fellow human being that refuses to allow the lines of color to be used in oppression, rejection, or persecution. There are a lot of us now. I believe this. Circumstance will prove me out, I think.

But I am stepping back on deeply engaged discussion for now. Just skimming the horizon I guess. Where are we? I’ll let you know if I think I’m on to something.

Be careful to give to recovery efforts with wisdom, though, you really don’t want your charity wasted. Check out your most trusted agencies and keep giving. My Vineyard has put together something and that’s where my support goes: working through people I trust, with accountability for what they’re doing. They are taking supplies to the needy and camping out in the Gulf region to minister.
There was a request for no canned green beans… no reason given.

Christians have this little saying, “You can’t outgive God”, and I think it is true. I suppose one of the dangers of government being too free with money in these situations is that it dampens individual giving. I think individual and local is usually more efficient. Doing things for a strong economy seems more macro-government worthy. But what do I know?

See…temporarily non-plussed.

2 thoughts on “Tearing Out Your Hair Yet?”

  1. The tip about picking your charities wisely is a good one.

    I think we are all nonplussed and astounded. Some of us are trying to work it out through prayer and some through writing.

    This is very, very odd. What’s taking place is more than bizarre.

  2. You are consistantly producing excellent posts, I consider you a must-read to keep my ear to the ground. So I think you, working things out through writing, influence me quite a bit.

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