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Georgia May Approve Bible As Textbook

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The Bible is already being used as a course study in as many as 1,000 high schools. The US Supreme Court allows it as long as it is presented objectively, and not taught as fact.

Atlanta, March 27, 2006

(CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR) This story was written by Patrik Jonsson.
Decatur High School student Kurt Hughes wouldn’t call himself religious.

He’s never even read the Bible.

But he wouldn’t mind taking a class on the holy text if it were offered at his high school in Decatur, Ga. After all, “You look at ‘The Old Man and the Sea,’ ‘King Arthur’ and even ‘The Matrix,’ all have biblical allusions,” the junior says. “It’d be useful to know exactly what’s in it.”

The Georgia legislature seems poised to endorse just such a course. Though students in many states enroll in classes related to the Bible, Georgia would become the first to require its Department of Education to put in place a curriculum to teach the history and literature of the Bible.

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