Thankful Thursday

When I think of how complaining I, and people around me, often are… I realize we need to be more thankful.

Yes, it’s very hot… but thanks be to God for access to air conditioning. I don’t have whole house air, but am thankful for the rooms to retreat to.

Thankful for the rains which came to break the drought.

Thankful for God’s grace which helps me to humble myself and admit wrong, ask forgiveness.

Thankful for good food and the daily provision. Thank you, Lord for my daily bread.

Thankful for the truth of the Word of God which feeds my soul.

Thankful for people of vision and talent, for the beauty and richness of gardens, music, art, and so many things that make life enjoyable.

Thankful for running water, and plenty of it.

Thankful for caring compassionate people… I meet more than my share through the fellowship of fellow Christians.

Thankful that there is never anything too hard for my God. With God all things are possible, thanks be to Him!

Thankful for all the good that daily surrounds me… indeed a feast of good is set before me, even in the presence of those who wish me ill…. God’s faithfulness is ever underneath me, before me, above me, around me.