Upgrading WordPress

On my garden website I had wordpress platform, but it was an old version… so I intrepidly ventured into doing the upgrade. I experimented with a blog that didn’t matter- which is good because I did run into some snafus. I got it to upgrade easily, finally, after a couple tries and much troubleshooting , including the cp directory [you have to get rid of all the files except the few that are allowed], but when I did the main site, oops.

Yes, oops, and I have worked on it all day. All day, and horribly hot one at that. Anyway, I finally got the permalinks to work, but not until I put them in default ( the ugly links mode). I really need to remedy that problem,and I had reversed the order of the posts so the older ones were first, but I had forgotten what code changes had allowed for that. so I found a different work-around, but it isn’t as good. Bah. There isn’t anything good about doing this much tedium with ones life. I hope not to have to upgrade for a long while.