the evangelical outpost hosts an Atheist Appreciation Week

the evangelical outpost: A Walk To The Moon:
Why Naturalism is a Self-Refuting Philosophy

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….the topic of materialism. Most atheists and other advocates of philosophical naturalism also believe in materialism, the idea that everything that actually exists is material or physical…..
Let’s start by examining how such a view affects what philosophers call ‘doxastic states’ – states of the mind that are either beliefs or are similar to beliefs (i.e., thoughts, judgments, opinions, desires, wishes, fears). If materialism is true then all doxastic states are (a) illusions, (b) physical states, or (c) emergent properties of physical states.

If beliefs are not made of matter, and only entities made of matter exist, then beliefs would have no ontological reality. They are merely illusions. Eliminativism is the term used to refer to this theory that science will eventually prove that doxastic states don’t exist. Believing that our beliefs are illusions, however, is self-refuting. Having an illusion about an illusion is a meaningless concept. And for science to produce a hypothesis (which is itself a doxastic state) that claims that doxastic states don’t exist would be illogical and self-defeating.

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