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Bookworm Room, “the Home Depot equivalent of going postal”

His planning was confused — but Islamic:

At first, he wanted to wear a Palestinian flag, but later decided to place it in the trunk of his car, along with a copy of the Quran and a necklace.


When an officer asked if he understood his Miranda rights, Warrayat shot back in a foreign language. The officer asked if he understood English, and Warrayat replied in English, “Do you speak Arabic?”

I agree with Bookworm, this wasn’t purely a religious motivation, it was craziness with a religious overlay. But it is wildly crazy… I had to pinch myself “Is this for real?” I guess I’ll find out- I travel to that crazy place in Arizona soon….


The Anchoress � “Islamic Bondage” and the death of the West surveys the more serious take on actual effects of Islamic influence. I have some contrarian iideas in my pocket. If I have the proper time I will write on this.


Gail as I’ve come to expect, has some excellent reporting on her blog,Crossing the Rubicon2: Sharon and Israeli Politics