Seminal Ideas

You will want to read the whole things, but this just grabbed my eye in way that nothing else did:

Hugh Hewitt

HH: And so what happens in Europe?
[concerning the demographics/Islam problem~ed. Ilona]

JF: Well, Hugh, I’ve got one of the very few things that I’ve said, which I’m proud of, because it’s become kind of almost a slogan to some, is that home schools are the monasteries of the new dark ages.

Whoa Nelly- does anyone else feel the tingle go up your spine?

When I began homeschooling I never looked at it in the cultural context of preserving the good of our culture. I looked at it in the eternal context of my children’s souls… but here, better than in other places is the illustration that where ever we are faithful to put the Kingdom of God first in our lives we ripple out in unseen influence in wider streams than we could have first imagined.

Just amazing.