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My post for today appears in Truegrit Talks.

Evil- Getting the Best of Us

“The sense of safety and an orderly society is in meltdown. We are long past bandaid measures, now, I think. So talk of the loss prayer in schools and abortion effects, these are simply outcomes… outcomes of something else that is gone very wrong in a big way in our entire society.

People like to reduce it to politics. Right..Left… But I think we are seeing, more often, that the problems are more fundamental and mere political solutions are not going to be enough for the pervasive problems. As fractional a percentage as these events are, they are striking deeply into the way people live, and I think some of the reason for that is the breakdown in trust that our society is able to get things right.”

Posting there is an experiment that I decided upon after reading another bloggers thoughts on putting their more serious posts on the Townhall site. Right now I’m not changing much, but this is the continuation of separating the tone and topic of posts to certain blogs.