Troubles in Technology

Well, the small things come in with the large things, don’t they? My blogroll is gone, somehow my Firefox browser got reset or something that no one in my house can explain to me ( I didn’t do it, I didn’t download anything…blahblah). Which means my extensive bookmarks…that I depended upon alot are gone. I looked through all the possible places on the computer- everything got overwritten.

Mama is not happy.

It reset to an older version and the firewall or something is interfering with an updated download.

I guess the way you start over is forget what’s lost and just start whereever you are. It isn’t the old thing, but it is something.

And through this whole Katrina blogging, I have been inundated with spammers. Spending inordinate amount of time just deleting their damned spam comments.

I hate opportunism.

3 thoughts on “Troubles in Technology”

  1. Ilona,

    this same exact thing happened to me not too long ago, and it has something to do with the profile settings. Our station engineer had warned me of problems with the newest version of FireFox, but that one sneaked up on me. It started required me to choose a profile each time I logged on, then after about a week and a half or so, the old settings just reappeared!

    I have it required to request a profile each time I come on now, and I’m able to choose the original default. Here’s a post I made about it along with the link to a site I found that explained the problem but was too tech for me to really execute the solution.

    By the way, my other blog (One Voice) refuses to set correctly in FF, but is arranged fine in IE, which I don’t like to use except that I also started to get numerous hotmail errors in FireFox.

    This was what I posted when it first happened. Sound familiar?

  2. ILONA: This is not meant to upset you (for not having done so), but periodically cut and paste your template and save it in Notepad in order to avert such a problem. I learned the hard way, if that’s any consolation.

  3. Thanks for the help- I will spend time reading your posts on this and backing up… I appreciate the tips.

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