Besides being forced to watch American Idol by my kids;) I have worked on fully integrating myself into this blog format. TAGS! what can I say?

Trying to figure out financial things. “So, what’s your opinion?” Is the economy revvng up or slowing down? How much of a problem is inflation going to become this year?

I joined the debt-laden this past year in order to fix up space for my mother…. I view it as risk with a plan. If rates move up too fast it will crunch me a bit in the middle of the plan of paying off a variable loan. Yet, I felt that in the long run it would be the right decision. I risk marital discord as I pressure my husband to keep to the deadline and get the work done. I don’t want to think about the rest of it, but this is why changes produce stress…. even good changes. I’m hoping my mother will teach my youngest the violin.

The rule that every DIY fixer-upper knows is that the time and money is always more than the forecast. It just works that way. It is a clause in the Murphy’s Law that rules these matters.

I read through blogs in my blogroll which I have to figure out how to slot into this template… I use the nifty blogroll panel in my browser. Also, all the online tests were deleted out- from now on all those will be found only in the personal blog.

We have been wonderfully healthy almost all year ( including last fall season). Some of this might be due to increasing the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, juices and vitamins. This has been the biggest change, plus everyone has finally grooved into the habit of washing hands. Perhaps we have less stress as a family and individually, although I wouldn’t attest to that, we still seem to have plenty. Just not as much, maybe.

Uh,yeah, you are wondering about American Idol, and what the deal is with that, right? Well, we fell off the wagon with TV. And now I have watched this season’s AI so far, I can see the draw. No comments at this time, and probably not in this blog; except I didn’t think Gedeon should have gone home, I really liked him and his singing was solid. Ok that’s it, if you want more you will have to check into Woman to Woman.

Off to read more of your blogs….

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  1. hmmm… I actually felt that I’ve been sluggish in comparison with my usual idea hamster momentum.

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