Overlawyered or Happy Thoughts?

So, what is your pleasure today? Happy-talk from me or more of the bad news views that just gives us one more thing to feel helpless and disgusted about? Can’t choose? Ok, I’ll offer both.
From “Overlawyered: Notes on postal tenure”, comes today’s tidbit of bad news:
Overlawyered: Notes on postal tenure

With the popularity of Netflix, New York magazine notes the rise of a new type of crime: postal employees’ stealing the easily identifiable red-jacketed DVDs from the mail. In addition to at least three such cases in New York City, “Inspectors have rounded up thieves in Detroit, San Diego, and Lyons, Colorado — where a carrier stole 503 discs before capture. Because civil-service rules make it nearly impossible to fire corrupt mail carriers

One more of those things where we seem locked into accepting bad behavior with nothing to be done. Why doesn’t someone change some of those civil service rules? We ought to have some reassurance that when we send something through our postal system it is safe from thieves. At least that system shouldn’t harbor them and keep them safe from the repercussions that everyone else would face. JMO

Ok… happy thoughts, happy thoughts…. well, I posted one on my blog of that name. A favorite poem and a pretty picture. Go ahead, brighten your day, have a happy thought break.