I Have My Own Demands

Al Qaeda’s New Demand To US: Be Anti-Semites @ MaxedOutMama‘s had a list of demands and her counterpoints, and I felt inspired to make my own counter demands:

  1. Buy CBS and NBC products and patronize their advertisers if Jews head these companies, because they have proven themselves good citizens of our country, they believe in freedom of speech and other important matters -even if we don’t all agree, we all get our say and we have opportunities to participate in the free market regardless of race or religion. Exercise that right. Criticize on the basis of content… not on the basis of racial or creedal discrimination.
  2. Make an example of how we intend to stand by the Jewish persons here and abroad.
  3. Remember to vote your conscience in this country, but also remember to support those who fight terror. Israel is among that number. They help preserve your free system in the world.
  4. Read BLOGS.yessss!
  5. Demand that the politicians do these things and if not, vote the bums out.
  6. Refuse to give those who persecute even a foothold in this country- close ranks against all who suggest it. (That should get their attention)

::Support Your Local Jewish-owned Business Today::

::Support Your Local Synagogue Today::

::Give Your Jewish Friend A Hug Today::

::Link To Your Favorite Jewish Blogger Today::

…. tell your favorite Muslims they can participate and be welcome.

…service announcement from your friendly neighborhood Christian blogger. Thanks, and have a nice day.

Maybe we can’t all get along, but we certainly can all co-exist

4 thoughts on “I Have My Own Demands”

  1. I’m not as good a Christian as you…my demand to Al Qaeda and all Islamists can be summed up neatly: Die and take all of your pals back to your father Satan with you.

    If you need help in complying with my demand, just ask (for help) and ye shall receive.

  2. Wayne! Welcome….

    I don’t think it is as much that I am such a good Christian, although I aspire to it; I think that this is how we take steps to make our world better. No matter what our beliefs this is something we are accountable for.

    Although my beliefs are the basis for why I think we should take a protective attitude towards the Jewish people. It just isn’t only that.

    It seems obvious that if we are going to have the type of freedom that has made this country wonderful we have to protect it for everyone.

    People who think they have reason to bomb, maim, and crush anyone outside their group are enemies to us all. They must be resisted.

    I demand they show good faith and follow each of my demands to the letter…..

  3. The problem with Binny and his boys is that if you really read thru their doctrine and their plans, there is no living with them, no peace possible, ever.

    They call all of the world outside of Islam DAR AL HARB – the Land of WAR, to be made into DAR AL ISLAM – the land of peace.

    If you get a chance, read Walid Phares’ “Future Jihad” or the “Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades”. You will get chills and an eye-opener.

    For the rank and file of the Islamist movement: Think of the worst Nazi/skinhead types you ever heard about. I mean the “lynch the men, rape and butcher the women” types. Real bullies, real ignorant, real rednecks.

    Imagine: all of the sudden they get a religion that tells them that everything they ever wanted to do in anger and lust – murder, rape, child-molestation, beat the women, the kids, anyone not part of their group – is not only sanctioned BY GOD, but also a thing worthy of rewards from Him.

    Not only that, the highest blessings they can imagine (all of the pliant, clean, and totally submissive women that they could ever imagine wanting as their absolute, eternal, love slaves) goes to those who get killed while killing as many people (who are different from them) as they can. There is no limits to what they can do to us infidels during war.

    The only peace they have for those of us who won’t join them, is as slaves (called dhimmi) or death.

    And their leaders? Think of Ward Churchill or Michael Moore as an armed evangelist. Not only smarter and better than everyone but with a command from God to kill any pitiful moron who dares to disagree.

    There can be no peace and no quarter with these Islamist children of darkness.

    A Christian person should always strive to show peace and love to his neighbors.

    A Christian nation must preserve its existance and that sometimes requires the Christian to pick up the sword to stave off evil.

    Righteous combat done honorably and not to harm innocents if at all possible. WWII was righteous. The war against Al Qaeda is righteous. It is one thing to turn the cheek if slapped. We can not worship the Lord or spread the Word if we are dead. It is not compromising your faith to stop people who fly planes full of innocents into buildings or who strap bombs to their bodies and walk into crowds.

    When evil comes as an invading, slaughtering army, it takes a nation and it is the responsibilty of the nation to defend the people and the faith for posterity – not bow down before evil and hand us all up to death and slavery.

    This is the fear I have of those on the left. They will hand us all over thinking that they can appease the ravenous beast. Folks like those in the ACLU will give us over and only make the beast want more.

  4. “the fear I have of those on the left. They will hand us all over”-prob’ly not so long as guys like you are living and breathing;)

    I think I would have to discuss the concepts of ‘righteous war’ further, but basically you have things on target. I tend to temper the rhetoric because in passion for a cause I think it is important not trample important things in the process. I think the best weapon against Islamists is the Christian who lives his faith.

    Thank you for your input here. Say, hows the chat going …where was it, on AOL?

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