What Newborns Are Really Thinking

What Newborns Are Really Thinking is another notch in my prediction that science will eventually erode rationalization for abortion. Then abortion advocates will be bare-naked in their inhumane solutions for the situation of unwanted pregnancy.

For everyone else …. including me, who loves to gather information on babies and their development this article over @ CBS news is welcome.

Some highlights:

“…parents should realize there is more going on behind those baby blues than might be expected.

Kennedy says research shows that babies are born hard-wired for survival, with a number of learning skills already in place.

Babies prefer their native tongue
She brought a list of some of her magazine’s findings to share with viewers.”Ever since they were three months in utero, they’ve been listening to their mom. That sound transmits through the lungs and they get an incredible education in what their native tongue sounds like”

Babies can combine senses
This means that a newborn can put together sight and touch.

….Babies recall what they hear
As an example, researchers had mothers read “The Cat in the Hat” to their babies while in-utero. Then, after birth, the babies’ preference always seemed to be the book they had already heard and were familiar with. Experts say this also relates to music

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  1. These sorts of revelations will continue, since a fetus is in fact a developing human. And I’m sure such studies are gradually eroding away our acceptance of elective abortion. Thanks for the link.

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