What To Make of It?

This has just been a a strange sort of year. The Weather. That doesn’t even need comment. The oddities in the news, those missing, those found. The strange twists and turn of political mothers, and the harsh droning realities of the Iraq war. Strange that while I was not wholehearted about the way we entered that war, I still have trust in and support our President. Strange to see how we can get closer to realizing a change in the abortion situation and so many draw back, that only a year ago Schiavo’s name drew impassioned concern about the ethics of life and death and now we see nothing come of it, or at least nothing said. Oh, and we lost tremendous ground in property rights…..

For some it is “full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing…” But for me it is a puzzle, a lull where the tagclouds are replete with words such as: ‘movies’, ‘entertainment’ , ‘music’. And I scan the horizon of the culture and perk up the spiritual ears. Something is going on, afoot in the respite, but what?

There is a slow realization of the expectations of Islam, and weary acknowledgment of, one by one, yet another atrocity or hateful speech, posturing and policy.

When there is such a quiet, a not altogether easy quiet, it makes me wonder what to make of it and reminds me to make use of the time…. keeping an ear to the ground.

Sometimes I think such quiet is denial. People as a whole just want some distraction, maybe, but maybe there’s something to make of that.

just thinking…..

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