Whole Foods: tale of two perspectives

Well, little Darlin’s, as usual I run a bit late on the conversation, but I was fascinated by Bird Dog’s elicitation of people’s grocery shopping habits when he wrote a bit on Whole Foods. Inspired by his confession that he doesn’t much like shopping there “(except for their cheese department)”, commenters like ‘retriever’ “spilled the beans”

I kid you not, for an exhausted working mommy, it helps if the grocery store provides a lift to one’s spirits, and is attractive enough to entice one’s friends there. SO you get the chutney and veggies, see a friend, and get inspired to try some new eggplant dish…”

Discussion ensued on Trader Joes, the discount grocery stores, with even a loyal protest for “WF”:“Whole Foods is not overpriced – this is assertion is laughable. which even I fan of the store though I am, inwardly laughed that it must be some sort of employee of the place to say that outrageously delusional statement. They get discounts so maybe they really can think that.

My feelings echoed ‘retriever” when I rhapsodized on my own enjoyment of Whole Foods Shoppingand one memorable trip resulting in a night of free samples. Ah, bliss and joy.

But on the other side of it, my husband begs off on trips to Whole Foods- he just can’t face the bill for those few bags of prime produce and luxurious living. It seems he has lots in common with Bird Dog’s thinking, while I keep insisting you can pay the doctor or you can pay the grocer, but you gots to pay the piper some way or another.

I prefer preventative measures of trying to eat right with healthy food, and using herbs, and vitamin supplements. The less I have to pay the better, of course, and that makes me a fan of WalMart when merited, but there is a time for quality, and produce definitely gets my vote in the choice of what stores I visit.