::wink:: ::wink::

That is exactly what we as Christians have been doing. Evil? give a little wink. Questionable? give a little wink.
::wink:: ::wink::

I have a light approach to some issues. Plainly, I do. That is because it is my nature to take things very seriously and at face value, and I have learned that you can’t always do that. But I have a feeling about this next year.

My feeling is that God will expect us to take the important things seriously. That will cut two ways, one of which is that we cannot afford to get caught up in distracting side issues that have little relevance or importance. We will have to develop some tolerance and patience before we jump on reforming bandwagons. The other side of the sword will be that the jaded senses of our spirit, the inurr-ment we have habitually slid along concerning such things as holiness will need some sudden correction. Extreme correction. I find it is much better to take on this responsibility ourselves. Don’t wait for God to correct us, in the individual and corporate …. it is time we wake up to true holiness and seriousness about our walk with God.

Because this will be a correction, it is not holiness as we have been used to defining it. It isn’t pointing the finger at others and yelling alot.

In fact… I don’t know about you, but I am tired to death of yelling Christians. Stop yelling. Stop using CAPS in your communications. Being loud isn’t a sign of being right.

This is the end of this little missive, but in your own ponderings and meditation why not think about these terms and seek what God has to say to you on : holiness, seriousness, tolerance, correction, standing for truth, loving the unlovable.

These are things the are impressing me…. and of all these a true definition of holiness is what is most outstanding. I have learned to overlook the excesses of my fellow Christians, but I am sensing that the time for this is over, and that it creates a false sense of security in my soul- after all, if “they” get away with things, won’t I? Shame on our small view.

2006 – move away from the mediocrity and the minimum- the explosion is closer to that stance than we think. Move toward being the maximum for God and in God- with a high rate of acceleration in spiritual growth. He is our high tower, our fortress, and our shield. He is our position of strength. Find that out this year. Or stew in your own juices- your choice.

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  1. wonderful post Ilona. And I concur with what you wrote about taking God more seriously this year and facing His holiness in a new way, one that will leave me – and you – clearly and deeply changed

    be blessed

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