Woman Problems

I’ve been contributing over at Intellectuelle and posting on the topic of women in the Church. During the course of discussion Hannah Im contributed “Submission in Ephesians 5” which was interesting in itself, but in the comments following someone gave a link to a site selling articles and books dealing with the concept of Biblical equality.

It is mind-blowing to see how much writing on the the subject, just on women alone.

I happened upon the name of Katharine C. Bushnell. After I came upon that biography and read this,

After her years on the mission field, Katherine began to realize “that woman’s plight was rooted in the fact that the Bible was seen to support the degradation and suppression of women. Her conclusion was that the Bible needed to be reinterpreted. . .” Her final battle, conducted on paper, God’s Word to Women, has basically been ignored by Bible scholars.

It made me think.

Is there any truth in that contention? I have not considered it from that perspective, given that this is the the argument of those I usually find as opposition.

I have always stood on the opposite side of the fence as an adult woman. I chose to stay at home with my children when there was an exodus of women into the work/day care world, I have fielded back handed compliments and outright insults for doing so. I am adamantly convinced that it is better for children to be raised in a traditional family with mother at home to take care of them. That is settled for me, but what is most unsettling is the lack of balance in the ideas of women’s ministry. I have found deeply disturbing things in the Church, and now this voice from the past, in Katharine C. Bushnell.

I haven’t read enough of her writing to know what it is I think, but it is something I intend to pursue.

This is important to me, since one of the principles I am convinced of is that we should be “doers” of the Word and not hearers, only. I am not willing to give false ideas of submission and authority the benefit of the winking eye and the hypocrisy of double standards. I just need to know where the lines fall….

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  1. Have you read “Recovering Biblical Manhood & Womanhood” edited by Piper and Grudem? I’m very much aligned with the conclusions contained therein but have been told that this is degrading and suppressing. I was surprised because I read it as uplifting and freeing. Wondered what you thought?

  2. Rick, this whole topic is rather new me and I haven’t read very much on it. I pretty much had abided by the very open view that the Pentecostal churches, and my old Presbyterian, had implemented. It is not as if I never ran up against stricter views, but other topics of scripture held more interest.

    In a book I am now reading, by Kevin Giles, that book ( I remember the names) was cited, but I’m very early in my reading on what others think, and what the historical theological positions are. I think Piper’s book was on my pastors bookshelf, so thanks for the suggestion. I’m interested in seeing if I can combine the egalitarian and the hierarchal points within a balance of thinking. That is the goal:) but the scriptures will determine the final conclusion. Still looking over things.

    Really, I had no idea how much was written on the topic. An avalanche of reading!

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