Apologies to True Commenters

I have been inundated with p0rn spam, so in the deletion process have lost some good actual comments lately- including a couple of my own, due to my troglodyte manner of having to moderate when the numbers get up in the thousands… the page just won’t load.

So, especially Greg and Meeyauw… I so appreciate your taking the time to comment here and so sorry that I lost those valuable comments in the process of cleaning out the garbage.

4 thoughts on “Apologies to True Commenters”

  1. Do you have the Akismet spam plugin enabled? It should be in your version of WP by default. I’ve been using it since my blog was created and so far it has only caught one good comment. It does let a few through that I have to moderate but only 1 in 100s.

  2. Yeah, what Brian said. I’ve been on WP since Dec. 7th of last year and Akismet has caught 2,442 spam, and I’ve only had to moderate but three comments for spam.

  3. Akismet- last time I knew the weblogs.us host had conflict problems with it… there is another, Spam Karma or something. I need to do something, tho.

    Will try these, bro.’s..because a couple thousand spam comments is just a thousand too much… heh.

  4. Those spammers are so horrendous. Cleaning up after them must be hard. Luckily I haven’t had to do it myself on my own blog …. yet. I dread the day when I’ll have to do it. I guess I’m a bit lucky since Blogger has some security measures.

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