I don’t usually think of Carl @No Oil for Pacifists as a Christian apologist, although I consider him an excellent blogger with an avalanche of logic, rhetoric, and informational links -especially on political matters. However, he has a post highlighting CENTURI0N’s “… and his ministers a flame of fire”, who has a worthwhile line of thinking:

…using criteria valued by the left — overcoming inequality and poverty — centuri0n calculates some under-appreciated advantages:

“[W]hatever “down side” he can argue about Christianity is vastly – by a factor of 10 minimum – outweighed by the benefits of Christian philosophy to the people of the world.

Here’s my ante: If you take the total population of Africa and divide it by the number of Christian medical centers in Africa (that’s hospitals and staffed clinics, not just outreach centers) you get about 1 Christian med center per 170,000 people (you sift through the WHO data yourself). That number will be higher in the West and lower in the East, so let’s assume the higher population in the East brings the ratio down to 1:150,000. That means there are about 40,000 Christian medical centers in the world today.

If each of those centers, on average, only treats 1 person per day, last year they treated 14,600,000 patients; in the last 10 years, using that ridiculously low-ball number, they treated 146,000,000 patients. That’s the low-ball figure for the global medical benefit of Christian for 10 years – and it doesn’t account for anything like the indirect effect of the research and development of dugs and treatments in the last 100 years by Christian doctors like John MacLeod (insulin) and Alexander Fleming (penicillin).

I’d be pleased to see in what way Christianity harmed that many people in the same concrete way as medical treatment helped them.”

Follow the link to CENTURI0N for a thoroughly enjoyable fisking of undoJesus.org’s mission statement.

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  1. Well, I think you found an excellent site to do further seeking…although I do intend to take on his challenge to ‘continuists’ 😉

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