Did I Ask For This?

I mean really…anyone remember me asking for patience or longsuffering? Anything like that ? I don’t remember asking for anything like that. I don’t usually get into stupid mode and do things like that. Because you get enough in life that will test you as it is.

I think I need grace. I’m asking for some of that.

I just off-loaded on Greg ( sorry Greg) about my troubles on the computer. I will tell you about the trials of pagefile .sys later if I can restart this thing. Well, not exactly after…I have to get rid of the thing first. Or something…something to do with dreaded DOS. DOS is something I never mastered, although I remember trying to read a manual the size of a NYC telephone book. Which I guess would be HUGE…because that was the size of that manual.

I hate the c prompt. I want a simple Windows that will work… and I finally broke down and passworded my machine against the depredations of my son. I am just plain angry.

Kids- stop downloading files from sites that have anything to do with music stuff- The second time this has happened and all because of guitar tabs. I BLAME THE GUITAR TABS. Or the malicious minds that attach things to those sites.

I knew something was wrong when my desktop looked gray and blank…. and some little mysterious emf files. I don’t understand these things…. I don’t like these things… I just want my machine back.

And then there was the influx of spammers. A pox on spammers.

I spent time I don’t have fooling with this. I am so angry with my son. I want my life back from all the time I have had to waste repairing all this…..

I…I… I am done now. I’ll see what happens when I reboot.

4 thoughts on “Did I Ask For This?”

  1. (((((ilona)))))

    I was just having a similar discussion with my mother earlier this week. Computer problems are the worst types – and there is no way I will ever be geeky enough to know how to fix any of it when it goes wrong.

    A plague upon the houses of spyware and spammers targeting you

  2. The C: prompt is your friend… 🙂

    My favorite “pox” for spammers and the like :

    “May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits”.

    I know, I know… very juvenile.

  3. {{my friends}}

    ok. The C prompt is my friend – I will repeat that ten times.

    There is something very satisfying about going juvenile once in awhile.

    -you and me both Keely… but I do give it the old college try to take care of things. I have now passworded the entire machine, the screensaver and who knows what else- it asks me for the password throughout the day. The pagefile,sys is still sitting there, tho >:(

  4. Off-load on me anytime. That’s what friends are for. Hope you got everything straightened out. I’m such a total los at all that. When I’m rich I shall simply throw my computer away and go buy a new one every time I have a problem.

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