Here goes nothing…

I’m posting my second try here. Lessee….

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The song is by the band “Pillar”. I really like their music. My son recommended them to me- and he is the music expert around here. Future podcasts, should there be any, may not have much music, at least not until I understand more about how copyright works in that.

I’m none too good at even-ness of quality or volume. I used Audacity, but maybe I need a different software. I have something else in a trial version. We’ll see.

Take a listen and see what you think. I haven’t had opportunity to make more recordings… there are just so many interruptions around here -far into the night, and I had difficulty focusing my thoughts for that one I made. Let alone the time it would take to edit something so that it was worthwhile. For the curious, though, listening time is worth it. If you are like me you like to hear a person … like an addendum to the about page. I just love to get a more full-faceted picture of a person. I did… to my horror, pick up on an accent of Ohioanism that I never thought I had. You’ll know when you hear it, I bet. Going to work on my inflection.

4 thoughts on “Here goes nothing…”

  1. Good initial run. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    I’ve found Goldwave to be a good audio software.

  2. No one criticizes me as much me! Thank you for your encouraging comment:)

  3. Do people from Ohio really have accents? 😉

    This is really cool. You have a great speaking voice. I can imagine you with your own spot on NPR… I’m too afraid of my own voice to try anything like this. Too much country drawl that my Michigander wife hasn’t worked out of me. 🙂

    About the church and politics. Amen! And may it happen soon.

    Oh, and I’ll have to check out Pillar. Liked their sound.

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