Winding Down the Year

Christmas will be here in a couple days… and too quickly past. I asked for and got an early Christmas present: a membership to Curves, which if you haven’t heard of it is a women’s exercise place. I went for the first time this morning. It was pretty simple, which is what I wanted. I don’t have the time to go somewhere that has all the amenities. I want something to motivate me to do the actual working out that will help me be healthier. This is -hopefully- the ticket.

What is it about getting older that often saps the motivation out of you? I used to exercise just fine on my own, but now I need an outside impetus. However, I’m really looking forward to this kickstart in my you-know-where. Of course it didn’t help me to come back and promptly eat a whole entire pint of my absolute favorite ice cream Woo City, Chai Tea, organic, Amish cream, ice cream. I bought some at Whole Foods last night.

My husband won’t go into that store with me, and I absolutely love that store! He waits outside or shops at a hardware until I finish. I asked him why he doesn’t like it … it is just too fancy dancy and high priced he says. I think he just compares a few items and comes out with that opinion. But there are wonderful things I can’t get elsewhere like that (real)tea flavored ice cream, and those things do cost more. And I’m pretty frugal for the most part, but you have to live a little!

He thinks I’m getting high maintenance in my old age…but he hasn’t seen anything yet, if I don’t take care of my health at this point. Nothing costs you like poor health and health care costs! I think I should have spa therapies too picture dancing eyebrows here…now I’m just pulling your leg, kind reader! I guess a woman who used to cut her own long hair, never went to salons , never got her nails done, wore her sisters hand me downs, and wore used shoes is going to make anything more than that seem high maintenance. I used to live like that- it was how we had a different economy than those family’s who didn’t have so many kids. And I still don’t go out to dinner in a restaurant above Max and Erma’s level more than once a year- if that. I just don’t need it . So I think I’m still pretty low maintenance. Although the hair salon is something that gives me second thoughts sometimes, especially since I wear shorter hair now and have to get it done more.

…but back to the reason for joining an exercise program….

The computer time led to more sedentary lifestyle which made my weight jump. Plus…does anyone else get munchies from being on ye old PC? Or is that just me and my hormonally-challenged aging body? So I think anything that helps me exercise is going to be a great benefit.

…on other topics…

My husband has been too busy to post his first post on He was actually doing some last minute fixit jobs when he got home from work. Should I nag him about making his introductory post? If he waits too long he might forget how to do things…. that is always a deterrent when you start something new. I don’t think I’ll nag. That seems counterproductive. I think I will mention… that isn’t nagging, right? When does something get to nagging stage ( I mean before it is horribly obvious and everyone is feeling really entrenched in it?)

I will make a new year resolution to not post like this( obsessing about my personal life) on this blog anymore…but until Jan 1… it’s anyone’s guess.

It’s Thursday! I haven’t done the Thankful Thursday for quite awhile, let’s put it in here.

I ‘m thankful today for:
the mild weather we are having while other parts fo the country are getting snowed in.
the actual first start in exercise program ( this is a big deal for a procrastinator like me)
that most of my kids will be here for the holiday ( even if it will be a short time)
that I got so much of the preparations done.
that God has given me health to accomplish these things
that we have a generally had some peace and good will in our household ( only a few rough places over the past week or so)
that my husband has been doing the Advent devotions with our family fairly regularly
for my Church family- they are the best, and I actually look forward to fellowship times
for the many Christmas decorations around town- they brighten up my mood
for the beauty of nature- it is always a solace
for so many good things from God’s hands to us- for the faithfulness of Christ Jesus… as Savior in so many areas of my life- for the promises and hope within the Holy Spirit’s ministry to my soul.

… that I am finally reaching a place of quietness of spirit, even though many things have gone very badly this year, and I have had setbacks in things I was trying to do with my life. There is a peace that passes understanding that comes from God in His graciousness. Thank you, Lord. That you are Lord, and in charge of my misshapen and frayed life. Thank you so much for that!

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  1. I think it’s great that hubby is doing the DIY instead of blogging about it – count your blessings

    good luck with curves. Great you are starting BEFORE Christmas

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