I’m sorry… the Left is just too funny

Ok, so I’m reading at a blog called Modestly Yours and within the post is this observation on how the college planners include

“…the rechristening of Valentine’s Day as “National Condom Day.”

You know it’s a sad day when you read something like that…but if you are me, with that dark and thoroughly inappropriate sense of humor, well, you just have to laugh!

2 thoughts on “I’m sorry… the Left is just too funny”

  1. see, I don’t get it …

    I remember a long, long time ago when we were kids, we had to buy these funny little cards with hearts and stuff on them to give to our classmates, fancy big cards for our grandparents, those little candies for friends, etc…

    What’s the new deal? Will kids have to give condoms to granny or are we all supposed to wear one for the day?

  2. it just shows how very out of touch the whole thinking has become. I’ll tell you what people should protest… how the Left’s PC thinking and social orchestrating manages to take all the fun out of life. They can’t even leave, especially can’t leave, the little things alone. Everything has to be regulated and conformed to a party line.

    That is the real issue… just what is all this social engineering actually accomplishing? a goose step generation.

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