Remember me?

I’ve been away from the blogging for awhile,haven’t I? And as is usual with me, that means in getting back to it I first write lighter fare, while visiting lots of other blogs and leaving too many unwanted comments. That is my usual modus operandi. The trouble is that I think about blogging, but besides actual busyness, I just haven’t wanted to. I think that is because I am sitting on the huge percolation of ideas for some of the series I started. sort of like sitting on an egg…laying an egg! HA! oh help me. Anyway, it has turned into this whole structured line of thought…can’t write this until I write about that…you know.

And I have the unwanted intrusion of things in the family to deal with. This isn’t in the sense of usual tasks and joys…. no, this is that stuff f which soap operas are made. I hate that. I hate when you have to do all this damage control because people are so into drama and can’t help themselves but to mess around and fix what ain’t broke. Forgive my English;)

Sigh. But then…I’ve been there and done that, so I suppose I have a certain amount coming…

and in that case-it serves me right. But that doesn’t mean I will stop going the rounds on blogs and add my two cents in. Not cured of that yet.

And yes, there are some”adjustments” now that my mom is living here. What? You want to hear stories of the rose garden?

2 thoughts on “Remember me?”

  1. welcome back … i missed your stuff, but please, keep the rose garden stories in your gardening journal


  2. Will do;) …unless of course I can somehow tie it together with some obtuse ethical quandary. (now just what in the world does that mean?)

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