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Back from the family vacation … and I have one word of advice on family vacations. Remember the saying “too many cooks spoil the stew” ? Well, too many opinions on what a vacation should be like messes up the vacation. For the first time the older children with their nascent families came and all would have been well had expectations of sunny beach weather been guaranteed. But you know the weather, and I took cloudy, cold, and rainy weather with me South. Of course the Southerners loved it- because they are having a terrible drought, and as more than one said “We’ll take rain any time we can get it”. The last day was absolutely perfect, however. Absolutely! And I made the husband and everyone stay on the beach to fully enjoy it. Or they could’ve left without me.

I like to flex with the conditions, so I had fun anyway. We went to a really nice Interpretation Center… and the kids learned some things about seashore life in spite of themselves. I loved it. Looked at the Berea Art exhibit in the Travel Center on the way home- very cool things like finely polished burl bowls and lovely pottery. Ate fried oysters and crab cakes- something you just can’t get in the same way in Ohio. Or it doesn’t seem the same …to me. Loved being in a house that I didn’t have a hundred jobs staring reproachfully in my face. And went shelling with good results.

…but sometimes I felt like I dragged a couple crabs along with me. By the end of the vacation everyone pretty much was more optimistic and interested, so I felt vindicated in that. We had a vehicle breakdown and a false start home from Atlanta- but that was fine, too. I got to see my cute, darling, brilliant grandsons for one more day… even though I had to sleep on the floor one more day- couldn’t get comfortable in bed, on futon, or floor- just getting old;)

I tried doing thinking- even though I didn’t really blog while on the road, but the post on Christian decision making didn’t come out as clear as I wanted. The gist of it is there with some writing that badly needs to be better edited, but I’m leaving it as is. I hope that I can hone my writing a bit this summer- I’ve gotten sort of foggy for some reason. Anger helps with that- but I really don’t want to have more anger in my life- I want to rise above that.

Speaking of fog and rising above and all that reminds me of the Smokey Mountains. On the way down the areas in Virginia had plumes of mist that arose from all over the mountain and then there were the fog areas of Tennessee- interesting and beautiful and I wondered if that gave the Smokey Mountains the name- or if it was just the blue smoke color they have when viewed from a distance. The plumes of mist were intriguing. The magnolias are blooming down there, along with honeysuckle and lantana. Very different from here where we are slowly recovering from the late frost.

3 thoughts on “Just Stuff”

  1. Hi, Ilona!

    I lost you, but now you’re found!

    I changed my blog address and welcomed my first grandchild. Other than that, my life is “quiet,” too. ;~)

    I look forward to catching up here!!

  2. What a wonderful vacation it turned out to be for you. Things are never perfect on earth, are they? Have you ever considered yoga for your back? ;~)

  3. so glad you stopped in here:)
    I just rediscovered your blog recently with the name change and all. I have always appreciated your finely honed artistic sense and upbeat and encouraging demeanor.

    I’ll get it listed on my blogroll soon- so I can visit more regularly and read the edifying quotes et al

    I do have yoga tapes and a new one that I need to start using more frequently. I always use the stretches with other workouts, but I am not advanced enough for the type of yoga that you do. That would be a worthy goal:)

    I have had much better times since I have made decisions to turn things to their positive possibilities even when imperfect. Eventually I expect my children will appreciate this “new me” , even though I can’t seem to forego the “crab” comments etc.

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