Matthew Krell, Street Prophet

An interesting detour upon the difference between a pogrom and harrassment…. with some Bible study along the way.

Although the original impetus for the post is an incident named “the Indian River Pogrom” by some, I was mostly taken by the bible study….

Still, though, in looking over the situation briefly, my own 2 cents would be thrown in the hat against publishing names and addresses on the net. I am not sure that is the best way to deal with protesting the ACLU.

But as you can see, I’m not exactly up on the issue. Enjoy the bible based thoughts.

Street Prophets: My $.02 – “The Indian River Pogrom”

—edited to delete quote due to Matthew Krell’s threatened litigation—– which is too bad because I liked the commentary on this scripture portion—–

===edited to add:
In the salon article @ “Bartholomew’s notes on religion” reads this example of liberal myth making:

in this case Karieva was simply unlucky that his target was Jewish. Had an atheist family been run out of town, no doubt it could be justified on the grounds that atheists are either Communists or extreme moral relativists. Pagans could be dismissed as devil worshippers, Muslims as America-haters, Hindus and Buddhists as stroppy immigrants. Christians who prefer private devotion over officially-decreed piety would simply be baffling. But, for obvious historical reasons, picking on a Jewish family throws the unpleasantness of certain actions into sharp relief; hence the popularity of the term “Judeo-Christian” on the US right.

C’ mon, Bart. Do you really believe that this is representative of how conservatives speak of and view these different groups of people? And don’t you think there are Christians who speak up about their faith and their views without the category of “officially-decreed piety”?
The black and white dilemma. Logical fallacy, my friend, and worse… attempted propaganda intended to designate your opposition in false terms. tsk tsk.

I think I know what the problem with much of the liberal discourse may be: you major in minors and even then, don’t get your facts right. Not because you can’t, but because you won’t. You love ze ad hominems too much I think.

No dessert for you, but enjoy my linky-love.

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