Telling You Where To Go

Ultimately? To heaven, of course, but in the blogoshpere where do I consistantly check out the posts for certain info?

On bird flu news…. and politics in general… I usually check out Maxed Out Mama. I often give a quick look @ No Oil For Pacifists to see if there is something I want to take a in-depth look at. I don’t know how the guy keeps churning out so much in-depth analysis- the work ethic in blogging;) . When I want a combo of overview and the occasional belly-laugh I go to What Attitude Problem?, he has some of the best leads for interesting reading. Greg has been someone I feel an affinity with since I discovered his blog. He keeps it real. I find myself @ Amy Ridenour to touch the high points of ‘what’s out there’.

For an overview of religious topics I check out evangelical outpost, more and more. Parableman takes more time, but renders really good insights when I visit there. I like his balance, and you might to want to look at todays post on Just War Theory and Iraq. I look at Pyromaniac a little more …just for the contention value ( because I really am not all that familiar with him). He has one of the best designed blogs out there, IMHO. I catch Lashawn Barber to see the topics.

I go to Anchoress to see what the Catholics think about things, and just for general curiousity. I like Ocean Guy for Jewish news and views, and Crossing the Rubicon just because she’s got a great heart for humanity.

There are many more I’ve been trying to touch base with, although I have dropped off on those who are my “best choice for spending quality coffee-klatch time”, just not enough time during this holiday season. I have been trying to branch out and check out newer ( to me) blogs like Two Talent Living etc. I miss ‘Belle On Her Toes’ Bonnie, and some of the Christian women and men who have dropped off on their blogging, even though I admire their wisdom in doing what is best for themselves and their families.

Check out the blogroll here, and don’t be put off by the lack of update info- sometimes blogrolling doesn’t get the pings, or something. IE, Parableman is updated and doesn’t show up marked.
My newest effort is to understand and use the bookmarks. I had an account for quite awhile without using it, am just starting to add in urls thanks to the nifty bookmarklet that is in my toolbar now (directions onsite). I hope to use the keywords in posts later, but haven’t quite mastered the learning curve. what is nice is that being web-based- you can access your bookmarks from wherever. My, so far.

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  1. I believe it! Your site seems like it would be double the fun with interaction between you and a co-blogger. I have an idea: think up a classified with what you are looking for and post it. Or you could do what Intellectuelle did and run a contest with anonymous posts ( only you know the participants) -then have your readers vote.

    Actually, I think it sounds like lots of work. You and MoM make a complementary team…. maybe there is match in your future.

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