Throwing A Bone Out There

Because it’s biodegradeable ….

There are lots of strong opinions on Kyoto/Greenhouse Effect/Enviromentalism and all the permutations of “Greenness”. There are people who take theories as gospel and those who think that enviromentalist concerns are the very work of the devil to undermine our economy.

But the greatest problem that I see is in all the hyperbole is that the most important message gets lost. That is that real and costly mistakes can be made in enviromental policy, especially on the side of exploitation for short term gain.
I don’t think that being strongly on the side of preserving the earth and its resources is strictly a ‘moonbat’ concern.

In fact, I believe that Christians should be at the forefront of weighing the evidence and proceeding cautiously on the side of good stewardship of the earth and its natural riches. We should be firmly advocating policy for clean air, clean water, preservation of farmlands and forests.