The New Man?

Metrosexual man ousted by the ubersexual published Apr 8 2006,

by Tryst Williams, Western Mail

THE metrosexual is dead – say hello to the ubersexual and heteropolitan.
….rugged breed of new man, similar to the metrosexual but displaying more traditionally “manly” traits.
….Advertising guru Marian Salzman coined ubersexual in her book, The Future of Men, partly in response to metrosexuals looking like “sad sacks incapable of retaining their sense of manhood”.

She said, “We think that metrosexuals have been upstaged by this ubersexual guy who’s more masculine, who’s looking for stronger male relationships.

“He still has some of those characteristics of the metrosexual – he’s more aesthetic, more concerned with how he looks, more interested in furniture and great wines – but he’s more of a guy’s guy.”

She points to figures such as Bono and George Clooney as ideal ubersexuals.

Heteropolitan meanwhile – which cynics could dismiss as the bits left over when the word metrosexual was invented – was recently identified in Men’s Health magazine to describe the kind of men not averse to pubs and grooming but also “surprisingly committed to relationships and family life”.

In all this re-inventing of the newest form of “man”, I have a small suggestion to make.

How about thinking about the New Man as recorded in the New Testament?

Just a thought.

6 thoughts on “The New Man?”

  1. Heck, how many different kind of ideals are men supposed to be realising here? lol “Ubersexual”? They’ve got to be kidding.

  2. Sometimes it does seem like the activities of those with too much time on their hands and esoteric research funding.

    People, ( or at least odd lots of people) seem to like to come up with labels to make something a trend.
    You have to ask yourself, does it help clarify or confuse? Sometimes it just seems the latter.

  3. O for crying out loud. I like to dres well, I will eat a sandwich with the same hand I put the worm on the hook with, I can change my oil but I also know the difference between a valance and a drape.

    Stupid titles.

  4. lol! Are they getting to you?

    I don’t know why it is becoming so important to title these things, I don’t know if anyone plasters anything like that on women…? It used to be that you titled fashions, etc, but maybe with the labeling of generations, they now feel that it is important to stereotype groups of men.

    Stereotype, stereotype… that has a sort of bad connotation there, doesn’t it? Makes you wonder what is behind the window dressing on this. Maybe it is all a marketing ploy?

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