You Got Two for One

The podcast included the first recording…. I don’t know how it did that, or rather how not to do that.

Thinking back to that first audio and what I was thinking at that time… do I still feel the sense of transition? I do, there has been the concentration on transitioning in my personal life, and I am still apathetic on politics. Maybe more so than at the beginning of the year. I thought things would change as we saw the campaigns rev up, but it hasn’t been happening. Is anyone really excited about the political slate being offered?

Nope, don’t think so… I think those who are immersed in politics are habitually interested in the moving and shaking, but I don’t see high levels of enthusiasm – at this point anyway- for any candidate or platform.

The Church, as one senses the spiritual body of Christianity is still not clear and focused. I might think that is my own projection, but the general landscape is pretty quiet. However. God is always at work and I believe it is time to get attuned, because when everything is quiet on the surface, there is a surge building underneath in the momentum of what God is doing.

This past Jewish holiday was the Feast of Trumpets. Nothing will wake you like the blast from those trumpets- especially the shofar. Ever heard one? They are not pretty jazzy sounds- not smooth, but they are attention-getting. I don’t discern that in our fellowships… it is as if the trumpet sound has gone quiet. Where do we go from here? It is the wise person that prepares in such times. Prepare ourselves. I’ve been working on most of my resolutions with that in mind, but lately I know I’m short in the spiritual warehouse. Put substance into our spiritual warehouses now, and we will be ready for whatever lies ahead.